I am a Liverpool fan from Bucharest, Romania. First time I heard about a great english team in 1976, when I was 8, I saw some pictures in the paper. That was all. I write during the Leeds game, Mane just scored, but I dont bother to scream and film the goal. I saw Liverpool for the first time in Bucharest in 1984 and then again in 2010. In the last 11 years I became official fan and did a long walk in 2013 from Sheffield to Anfield in the memory of The 96 with Jamie Caragher Foundations. I love Liverpool and I raised my son as a Liverpool fan. But, since this morning, after one of my best friends and leader of the romanian fans group hailed the move of John Henry (whom I was proud to sahre my birthday) I ask myself from 5 to 5 minutes: What would Shankly say? Will Liverpool ever visit Bucharest? What would Paisley do? But mostly: What would Shankly say? I love Liverpool, we are the best in the world, even we are sometimes lacking focus. But why this? Why are we teaming with city and united, teams we hate, with real and barcelona, teams I dont like because they are like spiled children and with Inter, Juve and Milan, rich men clubs? What do we have in common with them? You can mock and abuse me, I dont care, but please, explain, how is going to be better in Super League? What is going to happen? The city will be richer with a lot of spanish and italian tourists every 2 weeks? The players from Leeds and Southampton will dream to play at Liverpool? We will have a manager who will have so much confidence in a young clumsy player hoping that he will be one day a Steve Gerrard?