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Cat costa un atac in Siria

First U.S. Stealth Jet Attack on Syria Cost More Than Indian Mission to Mars

F-22 Raptor stealth fighters were needed in case the Syrians used their sophisticated air defenses. But Raptors don't come cheap.
Fears of a potent Syrian air defense system drove the U.S. Air Force to send its silver bullet force of F-22 Raptor stealth fighters into battle for the first time ever. The Pentagon confirmed on Sept. 23 that the $150 million jets had struck an ISIS command and control facility in Raqqah, Syria with a satellite-guided bomb. That was right after an initial wave of U.S. Navy Tomahawk cruise missiles hit their targets around Aleppo and Raqqah.
But the Raptors’ first mission wasn’t cheap. Together, the missiles and airstrikes cost at least $79 million to pull off, according to a Daily Beast tally.
That's more expensive than India's mission to Mars, which was successfully completed Wednesday at a cost of just $74 million.
The U.S. government told the Bashar al-Assad regime about the incoming attacks shortly before they happened. But the Pentagon did not trust the Syrian military to leave American warplanes alone as they struck ISIS and another Al Qaida-affiliated terrorist group called Khorasan. That’s why the Air Force needed assets like the blisteringly fast, high-flying Raptor which could operate inside heavily defended airspace with relative impunity.
“It’s important to remember that these strikes against ISIS and others in Syria are occurring without any previous degradation of the IADS [integrated air defense system] there,” said one Air Force official familiar with stealth combat aircraft operations.
One of the Pentagon’s goals is to minimize the risk to American forces during this air campaign. “You stack that against the clear message to the public in his speech, the President wanted to mitigate risk as much as possible,” the official said. “The use of the F-22 over Syria presently is easily feasible and extremely logical.”
The U.S. government told the Bashar al-Assad regime about the incoming attacks shortly before they happened. But the Pentagon did not trust the Syrian military to leave American warplanes alone as they struck.
Prior to the Syrian civil war, the country had a substantial air defense network—mostly consisting of older Soviet-built systems. However, Syria is known to have acquired some modern Russian surface-to-air missiles systems such as the now-infamous Buk system—also known as the SA-11 Gadfly—and the Tunguska short-range missile defense system also called the SA-19 Grison. But how much of Syria’s air defense network is functional is an open question.
Moreover, unlike in 2011 during the Operation Odyssey Dawn air campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan dictatorship, the Raptors were already in the area. While the Pentagon will not officially confirm that the F-22s were operating out of the Al Dhafra air base in the United Arab Emirates, it is known that the Raptors often deploy to that installation for what Air Force calls “theatre security packages”—or TSPs.
The last known F-22 unit to rotate into Al Dhafra was the 27th Fighter Squadron, which is assigned to the 1st Fighter Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia. “The F-22s are already in theater for a TSP, so the draw on resources is not as large to provide strike support refueling to them because they’re already there,” said the Air Force official.
Experts and many Air Force officers expect that the Raptor will fly additional combat sorties in the coming days. “More F-22 missions are a real possibility.  Even in this open-ended campaign, getting the mission done with precision and least possible risk is paramount,” said IRIS Independent Research president Rebecca Grant, which has close ties to the Air Force. “F-22s really do have unique abilities to evade defenses, strike with precision and sniff up information about Syrian defenses. So why wouldn’t it be used?”
Grant said she does not expect any political blow-ups over the Raptor, which was terminated in 2009 by then Defense Secretary Robert Gates—who believed the jet to be a costly and useless relic of the Cold War. Instead of the 750-strong fleet originally envisioned, the Air Force received only 187 Raptors in a move that was viewed by many in Washington as purely political. “This is about doing the job right and the F-22 was simply part of that,” Grant said.
But the F-22 is extremely expensive to operate and difficult to maintain. In 2013 the Raptor cost the Air Force about $68,000 per hour to operate once maintenance and other factors are added in, according to documents provided by the Center for Defense Information.
The Raptors were only one of the line items for Monday night’s raids. The Daily Beast has tallied up a rough estimate of the cost of the initial air trikes in Syria. According to the Pentagon, the Navy fired 47 Tomahawk missiles, each of which cost about $1.6 million, for a total of $75.2 million. Assuming a mission duration of about six hours, and a strike package consisting of four F-22s, four F-15Es, four F-16s, two B-1 bombers and four MQ-9 Reapers—which would be consistent with Air Force doctrine—the total cost of Air Force portion of the bill would be about $3.9 million. Combined with the cost of the cruise missiles, the Syria raid cost the American taxpayer roughly $79 million, based on the Center for Defense Information data.
Because of the F-22’s astronomical price tag, critics often assail the jet for not participating in many recent wars. But one of the big reasons the Raptors have not been used in combat until now is that they were not needed. There was no high tech foe in Iraq or Afghanistan, and over Libya, the Raptor was not the right jet for the task. “The initial OOD [Operation Odyssey Dawn] strikes required surprise, and repositioning F-22s to Italy would have obviously spoiled surprise,” an Air Force official explained. “After the first night of OOD in 2011, stealth wasn’t required, the IADS [integrated air defense system] was completely destroyed and the Libya Air Force completely destroyed within a matter of few short hours.”
Once the Air Force completed those chores, there was no reason to use the tiny and expensive fleet of Raptors.  “After the early hours of OOD the airpower needs switched to armed Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance (SCAR) missions, which even the newest increment F-22s are not well suited for despite their good ground attack capability,” the official said.
Conventional strike and ground attack planes like the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, the A-10 Warthog or even massive, lumbering AC-130 Specter gunships are better suited for that mission. “Deploying F-22s would mean dedicating literally—not figuratively—extremely scarce resources to moving a platform into the area that lacked the equivalent firepower and tactical experience in SCAR that F-15Es and F-16s have already in theater,” the official said.
It wasn’t the number of fighters that was the problem; rather the Air Force did not have enough cargo planes and aerial tankers to keep the fighters gassed up. “Air refueling and airlift assets were the literal pinch I am describing here,” the official said.
During the 2011 campaign, the service was overstretched with three major simultaneous operations over Japan, Libya and Afghanistan. “Each of these alone created a tremendous draw on resources. But in addition to these committed forces there was even further demand for additional airlift and refueling forces to be held in reserve for a Presidential movement mission, and the possibility of a bomber option against Osama bin Laden that was still being considered by [then Defense] Secretary [Leon] Panetta,” the official said. “In such an environment would you dedicate refueling and maintenance airlift that was not available simply to get F-22s into the fight where there was no operational necessity? Of course not.”

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Tragi-comicul domn Turcescu

Robert Turcescu a publicat DOCUMENTELE de pe blog. A RECUNOSCUT că a fost ofiţer acoperit al Direcţiei Informaţii Militare. "Vă doresc să trăiți momentul acesta de eliberare, ca să vă faceți meseria în mod onest. Muream în interior. Eram fariseu" | VIDEO

Autor: Silvana Chiujdea | duminică, 21 septembrie 2014 | 242 Comentarii | 25267 Vizualizari
Robert Turcescu
Jurnalistul Robert Turcescu a recunoscut că a fost locotenent-colonel sub acoperire. În cadrul emisiunii ”Actualitatea Românescă”, de pe B1 TV, că acele documente sunt reale și au fost postate chiar de el. De asemenea, realizatorul a precizat că se va prezenta în fața judecătorilor, iar de luni nu va mai realiza emisiunea ”Sub semnul întrebării”. Turceascu a precizat că nu a fost șantajat, nu a fost supus niciunei presiuni, ci a făcut aceste dezvăluiri pentru că acum "a vrut Dumnezeu", dar că în contextul ofițerului acoperit la prezidențiale, nu putea să se mai ascundă. Verificările reporterilor EVZ indică faptul că documentele militare sunt completate cu date personale false. Arhivele oficiale în care au fost verificate datele de pe livretul militar conţin alt CNP. Robert Turcescu a spus că el nu a verificat CNP-ul, dar el le-a primit în mână.

Declarația lui Robert Turcescu:
  • Nu sunt niște așa-zise documnte. Eu le-am pus astăzi pe blogul personal. E o mărturisire publică. În ceea ce privește documentele, sunt dispus, oricând voi fi chemat de judecători, să spun adevărul despre ceea ce știu eu despre aceste lucruri. Nu sunt postate de altcineva. Sunt lucruri pe care mi le asum: eu le-am urcat pe blog, eu am scris lucrurile acelea. Sunt documente reale
  • Anunț un singur lucru care e foarte important pentru mine: nu am trăit o eliberare mai mare, o sărbătoare mai mare, nu am auzit lucruri mai frumoase în sufletul meu decât astăzi după ce m-am eliberat de povara asta. Mi-am dat seama că e necinstiti față de Dumnezeu, de mine, de familia mea, de voi toți, e necinstiit, nu pot să vă mai mint, trebuie să spun, să mărturisesc, indiferent ce m-ar consta asta. Din momentul în care m-am decis să public aceste documente. Mi le asum. 
  • Astăzi sunt împăcat, am o stare de fericire, de bucurie. Ams cris acolo că cer iertare. le cer iertare tuturor celor care această povară a amea îi încurcă. Le spun să mă judece drept, dar dacă le-am greșit, le cer iertare
  • Nu de la voi aștept judecata, iar eu mă supun judecății celor în masura să judece drept.
  • Le cer iertare celor pe care această decizie a mea, îi încurcă. Până când un judecător nu va spune dacă am greșit sau nu, nu voi mai ieși public. 
  • Vă doresc să trăiți momentul acesta de eliberare, ca să faceți meseria în mod onest. Muream în interior.
  • Eram fariseu. Nu există rețete pentru a sta drept în fata lui Dumnezeu
  • Acum am spus pentru că așa a vrut Dumnezeu
  • Sfârșitul nu-i aici. Sunt 
  • Eu sunt ziarist. Mă căiesc că i-am blamant pe unii
  • Asta vreau să fac, să fiu drept, să nu mai calc strâmb
  • Sunt convins că avem cu toții. Raiul, Iadul, toate sunt aici
  • De azi nu mai sunt lider de opinie.
  • Nu vă dău vouă explicațiile date, toate documentele care îmi vor fi cerute, toate cele care îmi vor fi cerute pentru a lămuri 
  • Judecătorul este singurul care știe dacă legile încălcate.
  • De un singur lucru mă rog acum să am parte de un judecător drept. El este singurul care poate judeca
  • Numai Dumnezeu știe cine este Robert Turcescu. Iar în această speță, numai judeătorii știu, și cu siguranță știu, cine este Robert Turcescu.Eu mă pun momentul de față la dispoziția unui judecător.
  • E foarte simplu, uitați-vă la voi în interior și dacă sunt lucruri care vă chinuie, care vă fac să nu fiu drept.
  • Eu 
  • Oamenii să abă răbdare și să ceară un proces, sunt dispus să înceapă mâine, cu cât mai repede, cu atât mai bine. 
  • Voi spune absolut tot, vor răspunde cu maximă dechidere, e singurului care poate da un verdict. Nu îmi cereți mie să mă declar vinovat sau nevinovat.
  • Vă doresc și vouă să aveți tăria de a vă uita în sufletul vostru și de a judeca drept. Mă încred cu tărie, cu maximă tărie, în judecători.
Pe blog, Robert Turcescu a publicat livretul său militar şi câteva din statele de plată, unde se poate vedea cam ce sume ar fi primit în perioada în care ar fi fost ofiţer sub acoperire.
"Da, am fost lt.-colonel sub acoperire. Public mai jos câteva dintre statele de plată, cu sumele de bani pe care le-am primit. Am ales să nu-l trădez pe bunul Dumnezeu şi să fac această mărturisire publica. Refuz să fiu Iuda în faţa lui Christos, chiar dacă astăzi, celor ce vor citi şi vor vedea acest text poate ca nu le va fi foarte clar ce se întâmplă. Rugaţi-vă pentru mine şi cu mine să fim iertaţi şi izbăviţi. Sunt pregătit sa îndur oprobiul public, îl merit, dar sper sa avem parte de legi si de judecători drepti. Cu Dumnezeu înainte şi va fi bine! Vă cer iertare tuturor", a scris Robert Turcescu pe blogul personal.

Jurnalistul Robert Turcescu are telefonul închis şi nu aputut fi contactat pentru a explica situaţia. Verificările făcute de departamentul de investigaţii de la EVZ au descoperit neconcordanţe între datele personale din documentele militare postate pe blog de Robert Turcescu şi alte documente pe care acesta le-a prezentat când şi-a înregistrat firmele la Registrul Comerţului.
Postarea de pe blogul jurnalistului naşte numeroase controverse, foarte mulţi considerând mesajul drept o glumă. Sunt voci care nu exclud varianta ca blogul jurnalistului să fi fost spart de hackeri, deoarece Robert Turcescu a negat vehemnt de fiecare dată când s-a adus în discuţie acest subiect. 
Surprinzator este însă faptul că pe contul personal de Facebook, Turcescu postează trimiterea către "mărturisirea" de pe blog. 

"Întrucât nu am satisfăcut stagiul militar şi nu am solicitat niciodată să fiu încorporat, consider că ne aflăm în faţa unei regretabile erori, pe care o consider, încă, făcută accidental si solicit de urgenta indreptarea acestei situatii prin revenirea la starea de fapt: cetatean roman care nu si-a satisfacut stagiul militar si, prin urmare, nu poate apartine corpului ofiteresc al Armatei Romane", spunea Robert Turcescu în 2012.

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Ceva funny


Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse pummel driver in 'road rage'

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A bizarre road-rage incident in Russia has people across the world laughing.
A bizarre road-rage incident in Russia has people across the world laughing.
Cases of road rage are usually no laughing matter, but an incident captured on video over the weekend in Russia is leaving millions of people howling with delight, as four people dressed as cartoon characters are seen pummeling a man.
It took place at 2:40 a.m. Saturday morning in the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk, when a vehicle suddenly pulls in front of a minivan on a highway and then stops.
When the driver gets out and approaches the other driver, that's when the surreal scene begins.
As the Moscow Times reported, "The victim must have thought he was dreaming as Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, a squirrel that looks like Scrat from 'Ice Age,' and an unidentified rabbit, kicked and punched him as he lay defenselessly on the floor."
The rabbit character even lost his furry head in the scuffle, and had to pick it up off the street and replace it atop his noggin.
Once the characters had enough of smacking the man around, they got back in their minivan to make a quick getaway.
The whole incident was caught on camera by men in a third vehicle, who up until the incident had been complaining about their long trip and being sleepy, but then burst out laughing when the cartoon beat-down commenced in front of their eyes.
"Thank you for waking me up!" one of the witnesses shouted out in Russian as he was leaving.
The witnesses who recorded the event on their dashboard camera uploaded it to YouTube with the title "Rough Chelyabinsk Disney." The clip has been viewed more than 3 million times as of Wednesday afternoon.
The Times noted some people have questioned the authenticity of the event, as it may have been an elaborate prank.
"At the start of the video, the passengers can be heard discussing municipal elections, which take place in Chelyabinsk next Friday. The clip may have been produced by spin doctors to generate publicity ahead of the vote, news site reported."
The comic scene is getting plenty of comments on YouTube, including:
  • "In Soviet Russia, Disney make laugh of you."
  • "Everything about this is fantastic."
  • "Never piss off a bunch of furries."
  • "Video of the year."
  • "Easily one of the best Russian dashcam vids you will ever see."
  • "There is justice. the guy who got beat up does seem to have caused the accident, and then went on to be mouthy about it. Let that be a lesson. Sometimes they are bigger and furrier than you are."
  • Can you imagine reporting this to the police? Lol. 'Yeah and then [bleeping] Mickey and Spongebob came out of the van and kicked me to the ground. No officer I haven't been drinking.'"
  • "I don't care whether it was real or fake. It made me laugh like an idiot for a full minute, and that's all that matters to me."
  • "Apparently, a Russian patriot has been attacked by some Western characters. What is Putin waiting for?"
  • "If there was ever a use for the phrase, 'I don't even … ,' this would be it.
  • "What the [bleep] is going on over there in Russia?"
  • "These guys have nukes."

Red Moon

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