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NATO, Putin si Obama

Have Obama And Putin Agreed To Destroy NATO? Because it sure looks like it. Share   Tweet       Email L. TODD WOOD   —   APRIL 18, 2014 I have written previously about our Manchurian president, whose policies seem to be tailored to drastically alter the trajectory of this country in a negative way, reducing American power and influence around the world and destroying our way of life which made this country great.  Now I fear our dear leader has his eye on another prize, the downfall of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance that has held the peace in Europe, if not globally, for sixty years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been on record saying, “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.”  Now we see Russia , under Putin’s leadership, well on its way to reestablishing lost Soviet control of Russia’s border states.  I have no doubt, if left unchecked under Putin’s direction, Russia will move to regain its dominance of E

About Ukraine and Odesa

The Odessa Cover-Up: Washington and Kiev’s Crime Against Humanity MAY 13, 2014  BY  21WIRE   3 COMMENTS SEE ALSO:   Date With Destiny: Is Independence for Eastern Ukraine a ‘Done Deal’? 21st Century Wire  says… If there was ever an exhibit of just how low, evasive and putrid the US and EU political and media establishments have become in the 21st century, this is it.   The political spin which sees the dead as collateral damage along the road to western policy attainment – is shameful. The A-Z fraud of the US-EU marionette  coup de tat  in Kiev, along with their cutting radical pragmatism and universal denial of any subversive methods used by the US State Department’s neocon operative  Victoria Nuland  – will be a black mark on the US international records for decades to come. As she and her colleagues undermine 70 years of progress in fighting political fascism in Europe, the rest of the Washington X-Box regime changers callously ignore any  heinous  crimes that run counter to Pr

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