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decembrie 1989

Arhiva istorică Radio Europa Liberă  /  1989 18.12.89 - Actualitatea românească: Timișoara în revoluție Timișoara, începînd de la 16 decembrie 1989, evenimente evocate de martori oculari și mesajul regelui Mihai I. Tipărește Recomand Demonstrații la Timișoara, decembrie 1989 Multimedia Audio Actualitatea românească 18 decembrie 1989 Ascultă Playlist MĂRIMEA TEXTULUI   Emil Hurezeanu ,  Neculai Constantin Munteanu ,  Șerban Orescu  and  William Totok 01.10.2009 18 decembrie 1989 Actualitatea românească . (Moderatori: Neculai Constantin Munteanu, Emil Hurezeanu; colaborează la program: Șerban Orescu, William Totok, Adrian Niculescu).  18.12.1989 - Actualitatea românească: Timişoara în revoluție . In sumar: Informații și comentarii despre evenimentele de la Timișoara; mărturii de la fața locului (W. Totok); mesajul regelui Mihai; revista presei italiene (Adrian Niculescu) . Neculai Constantin Munteanu : E un început în tot sfârşitul. Timişoara e acum numele oraşului românesc scris şi pr

Socializare la funeraliile lui Mandela... O, tempora...

Tony Blair introduces prospective client Victor Ponta to Barack Obama Tony Blair introduced a prospective client, the Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta, to Barack Obama at last week's memorial service for Nelson Mandela Mr Blair facilitated a three-way conversation between himself, Mr Obama and Victor Ponta   Photo: FACEBOOK By  Edward Malnick 9:50PM GMT 14 Dec 2013 He rarely misses a chance to make new friends or to nurture his already extensive network of contacts. So it should come as no surprise that even at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela ,  Tony Blair  introduced a prospective client to President  Barack Obama . Mr Blair facilitated a three-way conversation between himself, Mr Obama and Victor Ponta,   Romania 's prime minister, in the stands of Soweto's FNB stadium. The discussion lasted 15 minutes, according to a post  on Mr Ponta's Facebook page , although he said nothing official was discussed. Mr Blair, who runs the Government Advisory Practice w

Obama and Helle

Michelle Obama Gives Ladies A Useful Lesson On How To Guard Their Men (PICTURES) Celebrities   Entertainment   Featured 11 hours ago Nelson Mandela's memorial service saw a hundred presidents from around  he globe head to South Africa to take part in this historical event. Among them was our president Uhuru Kenyatta who was well applauded by the crowd upon introduction. Being a big event, many activities were taking place, paparazzi were on their toes to capture every moment, some of which have come in handy, like U.S.A's first lady showing the ladies how to guard their men. Check out the step by step pictorial guide below: 1. Watch him closely to see how he relates.. 2. Make sure to read his every move.. 3. Sound your warning and leave him and the enemy in shock.. 4. If he gets the hint let him be in peace.. 5. But if he forgets the rules as fast.. 6. Let him enjoy the final moments then strike.. 7. Occupy your rightful position.. 8. Problem solved and everyone is happy..  

Amintiri de la inmormantarea lui Mandela

Barack Obama pose at memorial for Nelson Mandela Tuesday 10 Dec 2013 4:39 pm Ill-advised: The three world leaders smile for the camera (Picture: AFP/Getty) David Cameron and Barack Obama have joined legions of tactless teenagers by taking a selfie at a funeral . The UK prime minister and US president, who, let's be honest should know better, smiled and leaned in close to Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt as she took a photo of the trio on her smartphone… at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela . South African president Jacob Zuma had called on people to celebrate the life of Mr Mandela, who died last week aged 95, but we are not sure a selfie with beaming smiles was appropriate behaviour for world leaders at such an occasion. Only first lady Michelle Obama emerges from the photo of the selfie being taken with credit – staring resolutely ahead ignoring the antics of the elected leaders of the free world to her right. Michelle Obama might have had a word with her husband by this po

Ipocrizia lui Cameron

HANG MANDELA Posted by  Fedayn  on Thursday, June 27, 2013 ·  6 Comments   Cameron and Boris Johnson with the Bullingdon Club Anyone following left-wing blogs or political forums will be aware of the claim that Tory leader, David Cameron, is a hypocrite for marking Nelson Mandela as a hero. The viral post notes Mandela's grave illness and continues 'When he does die, and David Cameron jumps on the Mandela bandwagon, remember that in 1985 he was a top member of the Federation of Conservative Students, which produced the "Hang Mandela" posters.' The complete picture is a little more opaque. Cameron and the current Tory head boys are acknowledged toffs, cast in the image of Harry Enfield's  'Tory Boys'  that the Conservative Party under William Hague tried to rid itself of in the 90′s. But were these simply upper-class buffoons or is there a truly malevolent vein running through the clique? We must look back to their university years. Following the seco