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Polonezii au vrut sa incendieze ambasada Rusiei

Riots in Warsaw, Russian embassy attacked - reports

Participants in the March of Independence in Warsaw are trying to storm the Russian and embassy throwing smoke grenades at it – Gazeta Wyborcza.

Polish demonstrators set a police booth on fire near the Russian embassy, Gazeta Wyborcza reports. A Reuters reporter said one section of the crowd headed in the direction of the Russian embassy but riot police formed a cordon around the building.
Polish riot police used rubber bullets on Monday to break up groups of masked far-right youths who threw firecrackers and set fire to parked cars during a nationalist march through the center of the capital.
The march is an annual event to commemorate Poland's national independence day and, for the third year in a row, it descended into running battles in the middle of Warsaw between rioters and police.
Several thousand right-wing protesters began their march peacefully, watched by their own stewards in orange vests and with a police helicopter circling above.
The violence began when a few dozen youths, their faces covered with balaclavas and football scarves, broke off from the procession into a side street and started attacking a building where left-wing radicals occupied a squat.
Riot police moved in and came under attack from the youths throwing firecrackers and stones. As the rioters dispersed, several cars were set on fire.
Police spokesman Mariusz Sololowski told Reuters that officers had used rubber bullets, truncheons and pepper spray against the rioters. Polish media reported that two police officers had been injured. Several people were arrested.
Rioters threw stones and fire-crackers at police in the Polish capital on Monday, and a car was set on fire, after clashes broke out between far-right protesters and left-wing activists, a Reuters reporter said.
A group of about 60 young men, some with balaclavas and scarves covering their faces, broke away from a far-right march through the center of Warsaw and started attacking a building where left-wing squatters had hung a banner.
Dozens of riot police moved in to try to separate the rival groups, but they were attacked with projectiles. The Reuters reporter saw plain clothes officers forcing several young men to the ground and hand-cuffing them.
An ambulance and fire truck were at the scene, while a police helicopter circled overhead. The annual far-right march, which coincides with Poland's national independence day, also turned violent last year.