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ceausescu nu mai e, nu mai e beleaua...

de ce ne strofocam pe 26 ianuarie sa ne amintim de ceausescu?  ca a facut bine, ca a facut rau, ca a distrus aia, ca a construit ailalta, ca nu stiu ce si nu stiu cum?  au trecut 23 de ani de cand ceausescu nu mai e.  Azi am avut un moment in care am fost intre doua generatii: ante si post ceausescu. Un amic, nu zic cine, mai tanar cu muuuulti ani decat mine, care a recunoscut, nepasator, ca nu stia ca pe 26 e ziua lui ceausescu.  So, why do we still give a fuck?????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????? ??????????

Obama, cautat de musca...

Is Joe Biden the president of USA?

Joe Biden the gaffe machine was at it again Saturday. Speaking at the Iowa State Society inauguration ball, the Vice President said, "I'm proud to be President of the United States" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary): After some laughter and a nudge from someone on stage, Biden corrected himself. "I'm proud to be Vice President of the United States," he said, "and I'm prouder to be Barack Obama, President Barack Obama's Vice President." "Well, there goes that," Biden joked. "Look, on a serious note, I guess I'm lucky to get back to a serious note." This of course wasn't the first time Biden was confused about who's in the White House. In November, he  referred  to Obama as President Clinton. But that's only the beginning: Biden's the Gaffe King, Not Ryan MRC Calls on Media to Spotlight Biden's Numerous Gaffes on Eve of Convention Speech ABC, CBS and N

Politica in Bulgaria

A man boarded the stage and pointed a gas pistol at the head of a leading Bulgarian politician in front of a stunned party conference. Angry parliamentarians then pounced on the would-be assassin, beating him to a bloody pulp. Ahmed Dogan, the leader of the Turkish minority MRF party, known as the kingmaker of Bulgarian politics, was delivering an emotional speech in which he was about to announce that he was stepping down as chief of the party he founded in 1990. Local video footage then shows a tall, heavily-built man wearing a laminated badge, later named as Oktai Enimehmedov, running into view, before holding the pistol an inch away from Dogan’s face. Dogan flinches, and Enimehmedov pauses for a second without firing, before the politician rapidly regains his composure and pushes away the assailant’s hand. Security personnel then run onto the stage, and overwhelm the failed assassin. What follow are unedifying scenes of a swarm of furious politicians repeatedly kicking and

Un fleac, l-au incinerat

Patriarhia: "Niciun preot ortodox nu a oficiat o slujbă la momentul incinerării lui Sergiu Nicolaescu. Presa dezinformează" de  Departamentul Social Publicat la: 05.01.2013  15:23   Ultima actualizare: 05.01.2013  16:38 VICTOR CIUPULIGA / MEDIAFAX FOTO Niciun preot al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române nu a fost prezent pentru a oficia o slujbă religioasă la momentul incinerării lui Sergiu Nicolaescu, informează, sâmbătă, Patriarhia Română. "Ca urmare a încercării de dezinformare şi manipulare a opiniei publice, Patriarhia Română precizează: Niciun preot al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române nu a fost prezent pentru a oficia o slujbă religioasă la momentul incinerării regretatului artist Sergiu Nicolaescu", se arată într-un comunicat de presă al Patriarhiei Române. Patriarhia Română a făcut aceste precizări după ce presa a relatat că la momemntul incinerării lui Sergiu Nicolaescu ar fi fost oficiată o slujbă religioasă, în cadru restrâns, la crematoriul Vitan Bâ

Azi a murit Sergiu Nicolaescu...

Cei mai tari de pe planeta

The world’s most powerful people Posted By Ian Bremmer Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 10:36 AM Share By Ian Bremmer A few days ago, I took a quick, informal survey around Eurasia Group on power and global politics. The question: Who are the world's most powerful people? We're defining power as "a measure of an individual's ability to (singlehandedly) bring about change that significantly affects the lives and fortunes of large numbers of people." Here's what we came up with: 1. Nobody -- In a G-Zero world, everyone is waiting for someone else to shoulder responsibility for the world's toughest and most dangerous challenges. The leaders you'll see named further down this list are preoccupied with local and regional problems and don't have the interest and leverage needed to take on a growing list of transnational problems. 2. Vladimir Putin -- In Russia's persona