vineri, 20 aprilie 2012

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am uitat sa destainui un moment placut de aseara... Venind spre casa, dupa o zi stresanta, cu incurcaturi pe care le-am scos pana la urma la capat, cu un scandal intern, cu o vizita la Elias si o ratacire de vreo cateva minute pe culoarele pustii ale spitalului, ei, deci, cum spuneam, ma intalnesc la doi pasi de bloc cu un vecin, care imi zice: Ma bucur de fiecare data cand va vad! Eu zambesc si ii spun multumesc. El tine sa precizeze: pentru ca aveti gropite in obraji... :) Multumesc...

sâmbătă, 14 aprilie 2012

My walk for the 96...

@ My name is Emil Neacsu, I am 43 and 7 months, I am a foreign news journalist, a father, and Liverpool fan since 1976, when I was 8.
This year I wanted to do something special in the memory of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough, and I wanted to do it by myself because it was something hard and I didn’t want to force somebody to join to my plan. Last year I heard about an englishmain who walked 20-30 km, after a stroke, for a cause. And I said to myself – I had no stroke, God forbid, but I can walk. So, I made a plan to walk in the memory of the victims of Hillsborough and for the families and for the survivors.
@ I want to give a signal to the authorities to resolve the Hillsborough disaster process.
@ I walk keeping in mind that 3 of the victims were my age, back then, and I walk wishing that those fans who died back then and the 2 who died later, could have been alive now and be happy beside us…
@ I told few friends who are not football fans about the Hillsborough disaster and when I told them that 94 people died on spot and 2 afterwards, they were really shocked. This look on their face gave me strength to follow my plan and walk for the 96…
@ I will walk Saturday, 14th, 23 km in Bucharest, on the streets, and 25 on the Bucharest-Pitesti highway and stop for a night at a motel, and Sunday, when it is the Christian-ortodox Easter and the day when the tragedy happened in Hillsborogh, I will walk the way back.
@ I had these motivation to do the walk considering that 15 of April coincides with the Christian-orthodox Easter.
@ I walk alone, literary, buy I will never walk alone in fact, because I have the support of a lot of friends in Romania and abroad. YNWA!   
@ I will post news and pictures from my walk on my facebook profile.
Anyone interested in donating should do it in the Hillsborough victims account…

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