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Protests in Romania against President Traian Basescu

Protests in Romania against President Traian Basescu

By snowflake13 | Posted 15 minutes ago | Bucuresti
The president Traian Basescu went live a few days ago with a new health law and told to Romanian people that only those rich will have access to the health services. How can he say that when 95% of people from Romania are poor? He told us that in this law we will need to pay to the state a tax but we won't receive for that money none health services. If you understand this please explain to us, but we don't get it.. So we need to pay for health services to the state and also everytime we need a service, but we don't benefit directly from what we need? As a president, how can you tell us that only rich people with this new health law can benefit from it? and the poor ones will be ignored.. "just let them die".. He did too much! Yesterday was the first day of protest in Bucharest, Romania. Then the protest was against that health law. After the protest, the president Traian Basescu went again live and told us that the law had been withdrawn. But people can't stand him anymore. He and his party have over 56% on the Parlament and they did whatever they wanted in the past 8 years! this is shameless for a president. He modified the constitution, he only kept his people on the government. How can a president modifie the constitution and we, people can't say anything about it? People from Romania are too poor to be played like that. They can't stand it anymore. Today is the second day of Protests and it's in all the country. In major cities like Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Ploiesti, Craiova, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Deva, Cluj Napoca, and in other cities from the country, there are protests. The protestants are yealling "Jos Basescu" ( "Down with Basescu"), "Iesi afara javra ordinara" ("Get outside, ordinary dog"), "Toti romanii, iesiti pe strazi" ("All romanian, come on the streets with us to protest") and "Demisia" ("Resignation"). Today the protestants becomed more aggresive, they injured some constables, and there are like 2000 - 3000 protestants only in Bucharest, In Piata Universitatii, the km 0 of Bucharest. All Romanians don't want Basescu at the leadership of Romania. We all want him to quit. People are afraid to get out of their homes because if a constable see them outside, they can take them to the police station and fine them between 200 and 4000 euro. The protests in Bucharest are splitted in 2 big groups, one with over 1000 people at the University and the rest in front of Cotroceni Palace. We need the world to know this, we need an example, we need support. people are too afraid to go on the streets and protest because of the fee they can get. These protests are what Romanians call "The second Revolution in Romania"! They will protest and start being violent untill all people will go on the streets and the president of Romania, Traian Basescu will resign. There are already protests in 12 cities in this country. Soon it will be in all of it! Breaking News - Traian Basescu got out from the city when protests started today.

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