Zdreanta Udrea, facuta zob in presa engleza

That's one way to win an election! Romanian cabinet minister poses in rubber dress for magazine cover


Last updated at 3:33 PM on 2nd November 2011

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In a skin tight rubber dress and thigh high kinky boots, Romanian cabinet minister Elena Udrea strikes a bold pose on a magazine cover.

The Romanian minister cast aside her normal straight laced suits for a special edition of her country's Tabu fashion magazine dedicated to the powerful woman.

The front cover shows the blonde minister of tourism photographed in a revealing low cut mini dress, shiny boots and simple jewellery.

Bold: Elena Udrea wearing a skin-tight revealing dress on the front cover of a fashion magazine

Reserved: Elena Udrea wearing a more conservative black dress as she performs her duties as a minister

Inside the magazine the 37-year-old sees how she measures up to other powerful women such as Cleopatra, Jackie Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher Eva Peron and Madonna by donning outfits inspired by them.

The politician wrote about her experience of the photo shoot and posted pictures on her blog yesterday.

She wrote: 'There were some women who were able to show that they want to become a little bit more than simple workers.

'I am referring here to the iconic females who changed the way the politics is done in the world.

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'These women proved they could be even better than the men in the game they have invented.

'According to this logic, I would like very much to see that in Romania, one of the biggest political parties is open enough to propose a courageous and skillful woman in the most important state functions'.

Fashion conscious Udrea was once rapped for turning up to meet flood refugees with a lorry loaded with high heeled shoes for the women affected to make them feel 'beautiful'.

One critic said: 'It's a shame she's not as keen to show us her policies as she is her body.

'She is a talented politician but stunts like this don't help other women or her'.


For the guys who would vote for her: please take her to your city / country. We don't ask anyone for free money as Greece does, just please, take her! SOS!
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Can we swap her for some of the horrors in our Parliament, please ??
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Please don't let our Prime Minister Julia Dullard find out about this, or she'll be doing it to. I think I'd rip out my own eyeballs.
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Just think what Eric Pickles could do for the Tory party
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"PMB Gloucester 1828." Actually....... I think you will find that the pay cut was 25%. The point I was making is, what sort of a message is this cabinet minister sending to the struggling population of Romania ?
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Thats what we need instead of Lynne Featherstone ! get your country moving again !