romanii, carne de tun pentru americani

dupa ce talibanii au facut terci 30 de americani care participasera la operatiunea de lichidare a lui ben laden, presedintele sua s-a gandit sa schimbe tactica si sa trimita romani in catarea talibanilor. In timp ce alte state din coalition of the willing fac planuri de retragere din afganistan, noi ne ingramadim acolo. Ca sa ce?
Comunicatul oficial: In August 2011, personnel from the Romanian military deployed to Afghanistan in support of the NATO mission to operate the Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) under ISAF Regional Command South. This cadre of Romanian troops are the first coalition forces to undergo specialized training on the PGSS.  

The unique partnership of Romanian forces operating a United States fielded system is the first-ever deployment of its kind for NATO and Romania. This deployment is representative of Romania’s continuing commitment to a vital mission and to the safety of our NATO allies. The deployment is expected to last for as long as Romanian contingent participates in the ISAF mission.

PGSS includes lighter-than-air tethered and tower-based sensor platforms. This rapidly fielded system increases intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities and provides a more complete surveillance picture. For more information on PGSS see