London riots

Rioting has spread across London on a third night of violence, with unrest flaring up in other English cities.
An extra 1,700 police officers were deployed in London, where shops were looted and buildings were set alight.
Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol also experienced disturbance.
The prime minister has returned early from his holiday to discuss the unrest, which first flared on Saturday after a peaceful protest in Tottenham over the fatal shooting of a man by police.
At least 334 people have been arrested and 69 charged following the riots across London over the past three days, Scotland Yard has said.
Three people were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer was injured by a car in Brent, north west London, while trying to stop suspected looters
In other developments:
Met commander Christine Jones said: "The violence we have seen is simply inexcusable.

At the scene

In a lane off Mare Street the wreckage of a burnt-out car still smoulders, surrounded by riot police.
I was talking to one young man who had received on his BlackBerry a list of places where he said there will be further trouble tonight.
He didn't tell me which places and stressed it is speculation. But he and a friend told me frustration with poverty in the area was boiling over.
On Mare Street there is the sound of crunching as police vans run over broken glass. Much of it from a bottle bank which was overturned providing makeshift missiles for rioters who lobbed the bottles at police.
"Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery. The Met will ensure that those responsible will face the consequences of their actions and be arrested."
Monday's violence started in Hackney after a man was stopped and searched by police but nothing was found.
In the first outbreak of violence, groups of people began attacking the police in Hackney at about 16:20 BST, throwing rocks and a bin at officers.
Police cars were smashed by youths armed with wooden poles and metal bars.
Looters also smashed their way into shops, including a JD Sports store, before being dispersed by police.
Nine police forces from other parts of the country assisted in providing support, as well as the City of London Police and British Transport Police.
However, eyewitnesses have reported that as trouble spread across the city, there were often few police officers around when violence flared.