Hello Sarah Africa Palin

The recriminations on the Republican side have begun. And boy, if the first barrage is anything to go by, it's going to be nasty.

I've just watched Carl Cameron, the Fox News correspondent who covered the Republican ticket, regale anchor Shep Smith with a litany of complaints from unnamed John McCain aides about Sarah Palin.

The Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, according to their version, did not know that Africa was a continent, could not name all three countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement (that would be the US, Canada and Mexico) and declined to prep for her now infamous Katie Couric interview.

Furthermore, the McCain aides told Cameron that Mrs Palin threw tantrums over bad press reviews and was a shopaholic. He also reported that chief McCain foreign policy advisor Randy Sheunemann was fired late in the campaign for allegedly leaking details of the splits.

I don't see the report up on the Fox website tonight but there may be something there in the morning. Nonetheless, with Palin allies pushing her for a 2012 run, this is clearly explosive stuff and doubtless the harbinger of some serious bloodletting after the Barack Obama landslide.

It's not clear whether these "McCain aides" are going solo to try and protect their legacies. After all, the defeated candidate himself praised Mrs Palin as the future of the Republican party at his concession speech on Tuesday night.

Just one immediate question for the members of Team McCain who are now unloading to the media. If these reports are vaguely accurate, why was she okayed as running mate - a position that would have put her the proverbial heart-beat of a 72-year-old man away from the presidency - with virtually no vetting?