Testamentul unui blogger - Janez Drnovsek

A fost presedinte si prim-ministru al Sloveniei. A murit sambata, 23 februarie. A fost blogger. Acesta este ultimul mesaj postat pe blogul sau...

What do we want in life? Peace. We seek the meaning of our existence.

Do we have to seek our own meaning? Of course. Have you perhaps found yours?

Is the meaning of existence in fulfilling one's material desires? For many people it is, in deed.

Then, have they truly found the meaning? They have found meaning in nonsense.

Is fulfillment of material desires nonsensical? Nonsense are the desires.

But we cannot be without desires? If we are without desires and expectations, we are also without worry. We are at peace.

Is it enough to be at peace? If we are at peace, we have found meaning.

Is peace that which we seek? Peace is that, which we can find.

Besides peace, is there anything else we can seek? We can seek, alas we cannot find it.

We can find success, money and glory. But we loose our peace.

If we have all that, do we still need peace? We need it even more.

And we cannot find it afterwards? Only, if we are not attached to success, money, power and praise.

It is difficult not to be attached to all that!? If we are attached, we are worried, we are afraid we will loose it. Worries and fear bring restlessness.

But everyone is afraid or worried about something? Because one is trying to gain or keep something.

We are afraid of death? Because we are attached to material existence.

But every existence is material!? It can also be spiritual.

What kind of existence is spiritual existence? The one that transcends the material one.

How can it transcend it? By transcending attachment to it.

Even attachment to life? Even attachment to life!

If we are not attached to life, then we are at peace? Then we are at peace. We are not afraid even of death, let alone anything else.

Is this the meaning we seek? We seek such peace. If we don't find it we are prisoners of fears and worries.

But, does life without attachment to material truly make sense? Do fears and worries make sense?

Besides being at peace, there must be something else that gives meaning to our existence!? In deed...kindness.

Kindness? We must create good. That gives meaning to our lives.

Thus peace and kindness? Peace and kindness!