Geaici, unul dintre cei mai mari fotbalisti sarbi, trimis dupa gratii. Are 62 de ani...

Cotidianul Blic din Belgrad anunta ca vicepresedintele Federatieid e fotbal, Dragan Geaici, a fost arestat sub acuzatia de frauda la transferul unui fotbalist in Spania. Geaici a fost unul dintre cei mai mari fotbalisti ai Iugoslaviei, din generatia cu Dinu, Lucescu, Dumitrache, raducanu, Dobrin...
Belgrade – Dragan Dzajic, 62, vice-president of the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) and also director of all football national teams, Vladimir Cvetkovic, 67, and Milos Marinkovic, 72, officials of the ‘Red Star’ FC were arrested yesterday morning on suspicion to have illegally taken EUR 6,127,104 from the transfer of footballer Goran Drulic to Spanish ‘Zaragoza’ FC in 2001.

After questioning at the police they were ruled 48-hour detention after which they are to be taken to the investigation judge. They have been charged with abuse of office and Marinkovic for forging Drulic’s signature on the basis of which they took the money from a bank account. Drulic was sold to ‘Zaragoza’ for 27 million German Marks. The ‘Red Star’ was to get 9 millions and Drulic the rest. He, however, got 6 millions only.
Last year Drulic tried to agree with then ‘Red Star’ president Dragan Stojkovic Piksi the rest of the money to be paid to him. Stojkovic promised that the money would be paid to Drulic’s account, but that has not happened. Drilic then filed a law suit against ‘Red Star’. As ‘Blic’ learns police inspectors traveled to Greece in December where they talked with Drulic.
After arrest of three ‘Red Star’ officials, the police carried out search of their homes. It is not known if any incriminating documents were found. All three arrested officials denied charges.