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Man who had sex with bike in court

Robert Stewart was discovered in his room by two cleaners at the Aberley House Hostel in Ayr, south west Scotland, in October last year. On Wednesday Mr Stewart admitted to sexual breach of the peace in Ayr Sheriff Court, where depute fiscal Gail Davidson described how he had been found by the hostel workers. She said: "They knocked on the door several times and there was no reply. "They used a master key to unlock the door and they then observed the accused wearing only a white T-shirt, naked from the waist down. "The accused was holding the bike and moving his hips back and forth as if to simulate sex." Both witnesses, who were extremely shocked, notified the hotel manager, who in turn alerted the police. Mr Stewart was placed on the sex offenders’ register but his sentence was deferred until next month. He is not the first man to be convicted of a sexual offence involving an inanimate object, however. Karl Watkins, an electrician, was jailed for having

Animale fara aparare???

  Duminica, 28 octombrie, mama a fost muscata de un caine in scara blocului in care locuiesc. De cateva luni sunt in "corespondenta" cu "autoritatile competente" pentru a rezolva problema cainilor care salasuiesc in scara blocului, cu acordul administratiei si a unor iubitori de animale, asta dupa ce patru caini au sarit la sotia mea care era cu copilul in brate, de cel putin doua ori... Asa zisi iubitori de animale. Dupa ce a fost muscata mama mi-am iesit din minti si am luat o teava aruncata intr-un colt al balconului si am pornit la vanatoare de caini. Primul gasit, primul servit - trei lovituri de teava si m-am racorit, fara sa-l omor. Am fost acuzat de o vecina - iubitoare de animale - ca lovesc animale fara aparare. Da, lovesc animale, dar nu fara aparare, pe cele agresive, pe cele care ma ataca pe mine sau pe cei din familia mea... Luni, la prima ora, ma duc la politie sa depun plangeri penale si merg pana in panzele albe, dau in judecata administratia blocul

Medicine stopping any bleeding invented in Turkey

Turkish scientists have created a drug stopping any bleeding in a few minutes, which means it could be used in treating hemophilia, the Sabah newspaper reported Saturday. "The preparation we created has overturned our knowledge of the mechanism that stops hemorrhage. It stops any bleeding in a few minutes. By using this drug, we can reduce the number of deaths from blood loss around the world," Professor Ibrahim Haznedaroglu from the Hacettepe University, where the medicine was created and tested, told the newspaper. The drug, already approved by the Turkish Health Ministry, was made from a mix of herbs and plants, in particular, nettle, licorice, thyme, and grapevine. It is reported to also be effective in treating other serious diseases, including diabetes. Turkish doctors used an old recipe to prepare the medicine.

Human race will 'split into two different species'

The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist. 100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed. The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000. These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years. "Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance. Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, according to Curry in a report commissioned f

Condi, fata in fata cu o militanta impotriva razboiului

A woman with her hands painted blood-red confronted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the US Congress Wednesday, shouting "war criminal" before being hauled away by Capitol security. Desiree Farooz accosted Rice ahead of her appearance at a House of Representatives hearing on US foreign policy, waving her hands just centimeters (inches) from the diplomat's face inside the committee meeting room as television cameras captured the confrontation. "The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands," Farooz shouted, before police wrestled her away. Several other people, members of the anti-war activist group Code Pink, were subsequently ejected from the room.

Cica planurile de atacare a Iranului sunt de rutina

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday characterized U.S. military planning for a strike on Iran as "routine". "I would characterize it as routine," Gates told reporters on a flight en route to Washington, when asked about any U.S. planning for military action against Iran. The Pentagon plans for hundreds of potential scenarios that could involve military force in a variety of roles ranging from offensive operations to disaster response. Tensions between Washington and Iran have climbed this year. The United States and others accuse Tehran of seeking nuclear weapons under cover of a peaceful nuclear energy program. The United States also accuses Iran of providing weapons, training and other support to insurgents in Iraq. Iran has denied those charges. Gates said the United States was focused on diplomatic and economic pressure against Iran. "The focus that we all have is on using diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions to persuade the Iranian


Jucatorii Slaviei Praga si-au cerut scuze in fata suporterilor veniti la Londra, dupa umilitorul 7-0 cu Arsenal...

La Multi Ani, Majestate!

Am avut ocazia sa-l intalnesc pe Regele Mihai pe 15 noiembrie 2002, la Casa NATO, fosta resedinta a lui Ceausescu. I-am spus ca sunt fericit sa il cunosc si i-am aratat ca detin o bancnota de 100 de lei din 1941, cu chipul sau. S-a bucurat si m-a intrebat daca poate semna bancnota. Am spus ca da, iar Regele a scos din haina un stilou si s-a iscalit... Pe 25 octombrie, Regele implineste 86 de ani.

Poza de poza

explicatie foto: camilele sunt pozate de undeva de sus, la apusul soarelui... alea negre sunt umbre... Merci Dana pt poze...

WWII postcard reaches Japanese man

A postcard that a Japanese soldier mailed from a Southeast Asian battlefront during World War II has reached a recipient in Japan 64 years later, a university whose student helped deliver it said Saturday. Shizuo Nagano, an 80-year-old retiree in Japan's southwestern state of Kochi, received the card Friday — by way of Nagasaki, Arizona and Hawaii — said a statement from Mukogawa Women's University. Nagano's former colleague at a retail store, Nobuchika Yamashita mailed the card in 1943 from Burma, now called Myanmar, a year before Yamashita died at war at age 23, the university statement said. It said the card had initially failed to reach Nagano's address in Nagasaki, and was instead collected there by an American soldier during the U.S. occupation after Japan's 1945 defeat. The American kept it at his Arizona home until he died 25 years ago and was kept by his son — who moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui and then gave the letter to a Japanese exchange stude

Cheney and Obama are distant cousins

There's no sign of a family reunion planned, but U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama are distant cousins. So says the vice president's wife, Lynne Cheney, who said she discovered that her husband of 43 years is eighth cousins with the senator from Illinois. The two men could hardly be more different. Cheney is an advocate for pursuing the war in Iraq to try to stabilize the country, while Obama wants to get U.S. troops out of Iraq. Mrs. Cheney told MSNBC on Tuesday that it was "an amazing American story that one ancestor ... could be responsible down the family line for lives that have taken such different and varied paths." The common ancestor was Mareen Devall, who the Chicago Sun-Times said was a 17th century immigrant from France. Mrs. Cheney said she discovered the link through family research for her new book, "Blue Skies, No Fences," about growing up in Wyoming. -- Maine-poimaine o sa aflam ca si Basescu

Pasarica la Oradea

Imagine de pe o scena din Oradea, de unde o pasarica a plecat la Bucuresti cu avionul. Gratis.

La rascruce de drumuri

Intersectia Mihai Bravu cu b-dul Ferdinand, Bucuresti, Romania, dupa ce s-au f..ut semafoarele...


A rich man and a poor man have the same wedding anniversary. They're both at Madison Avenue shopping for their wives. The poor man says to the Rich man: "What'd you get your wife this year?" The rich man says: "A Mercedes and a huge diamond ring." The poor man: "Why'd you get her both?" The Rich man: "If she doesn't like the ring, she can take it back happy, driving the Mercedes." The Poor man: "O.K. That works..." The Rich man: "Well, what did you get your wife?" The Poor man: "A pair of slippers and a dildo." The Rich man: "Why'd you get her a pair of slippers and a dildo?" The Poor man: "If she doesn't like the slippers, she can go fuck herself!"

Elena Lulea este cautata din Japonia

din cand in cand ma uit pe sitemeter sa vad cine ma mai viziteaza. Ieri, cu surprindere am constatat ca o persoana din Japonia a stat aproape 2 minute pe blogul meu, pe care a ajuns dand cautare pe google dupa "elena lulea". Am fost coleg cu Elena Lulea la Unifan Radio in secolul trecut si am amintit-o prin iulie intr-un post in care vorbeam despre intalnorea mea cu Sandu Alexandru... Ca sa vezi...

Euroii, masina puternica si ardelenii sau palinca, caltabosii si ardelenii

Doi cretini care raspund la apelativul "domnule ministru", desi ar trebui sa li se spuna "domnule sinistru", fac pe mimozele, desi intreaga tara a vazut si mai ales a auzit cu cata nerusinarea se targuiau pe trucarea unor licitatii. Ce scuza are umflatul de decebal traian pentru telefonul pe care i l-a dat lui ioan avram prin care il anunta ca numere alea de la licitatie nu sunt bune si sa-i comunice numerele corecte, ca sa le aranjeze el? Asta ce-o fi? Abuz de putere? Sau abuz de functie? Si boul ala de ioan avram ce tupeu mai are sa spuna ca e nevonovat cand vorbea cu ghitza despre cinshpe mii de euro si de masina puternica?? voi vreti sa platesc impozitele la timp? cand era decebal traian ministru de finante am primit o scrisoare de la minister in care eram anuntat ca am o restanta de 180 de lei (lei vechi, o paine la vremea aia era 3000 de lei) la fisc. PLM...d'aia nu voi mai vota niciodata si o sa fiu de acord cu actiunile de protest civic de neprezentare

Moment istoric - a fost creata prima forma de viata ARTIFICIALA!!!

Craig Venter, controversatul cercetător al ADN-ului, implicat în cursa pentru descifrarea codului genetic uman, a creat un cromozom sintetic din substanţe chimice de laborator şi va anunţa în curând, dacă proiectul decurge conform planului, crearea primei forme artificiale de viaţă pe Terra. Acesta reprezintă un pas important în dezvoltarea genotipurilor. Probabil că descoperirea va provoca dezbateri pe tema creării unor specii noi de animale şi este posibil ca aceasta să fie cheia combaterii fenomenului de încălzire globală. Secvenţa de ADN a fost creată cu ajutorul unei bacterii, Mycoplasma genitalium, oamenii de ştiiţă stabilind ce este necesar pentru ca aceasta să supravieţuiască şi îndepărtându-i o cincime din materialul genetic. Întregul cromozom reconstruit sintetic, pe care cercetătorii l-au botezat "laboratorul Mycoplasma", a fost marcat cu cerneluri speciale, pentru o mai uşoară recunoaştere. Cromozomul a fost transplantat unei celule vii de la bacteria Mycoplasm

S-a descoperit rolul apendicelui

Câţiva cercetători cred că au descoperit la ce foloseşte apendicele: produce bacterii folositoare pentru intestine şi le protejează. Aceasta este teoria pe care o susţin câţiva cercetători de la Universitatea Medicală Duke, titrează CNN, în ediţia sa online. Timp de multe generaţii, s-a crezut că apendicele este un organ inutil, care poate fi îndepărtat fără probleme. Funcţiile apendicelui par să aibă legătură cu cantitatea mare de bacterii care populează tubul digestiv uman, conform studiului din Journal of Theoretical Biology. În corpul uman există mai multe bacterii decât celule. În cazuri extreme, flora intestinală se poate distruge, iar bolile ca dizinteria sau holera pot ucide bacteriile utile din intestine. În acest caz, scopul apendicelui este de a curăţa sistemul digestiv.

Kim, expertul in Internet

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il called himself an "Internet expert" during summit talks with South Korea's president this week, a news report said Friday. The reclusive leader made the remark after South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun asked that South Korean companies operating at an industrial park in the North Korean city of Kaesong be allowed to use the Internet, Yonhap news agency reported, without citing any source. --- no shit? o avea laptop? pai cred ca si nea nicu avea blog daca traia, coana leana statea toata ziua pe forumuri - nu alea ale femeilor socialiste - si nicusor avea domeniu rezervat ( era la base).

Diana, ultima fotografie...

banc (de la Ciprian)

O fetita se duce la un magazin de animale si intreaba "Va log, aveti iepulasi dlagalasi ?". ....Inima vanzatorului se topeste brusc. Se aseaza pe vine langa fetita, si o intreaba "Vlei un iepulas dlagalas alb, sau unul dlagalas moale si neglu si pufos ? Sau poate pe cel dlagalas si maloniu de acolo?" .... Fetita se inroseste, se leagana putin pe calcaie, isi pune manutele pe genunchi, se apleaca in fata si raspunde in soapta....... “Cled ca pe pitonul meu il doale in cul de cale.....".

Fata lu' Ozzy şi-a luat sacoşă de rafie

nu prea le am io cu moda, dar cand am vazut ce sacosa are fata asta am ras cu lacrimi. Cica sacosa e Luis Vuitton si ar costa 2.500 de parai. Fatoooo, daca veneai la Obor o luai cu 1 dolar. Abia astept sa le vad pe vedetele autohtone cu cate o sacosa d'asta, dar de rafie, nu Vuitton...

Transavia Rebengiuc

Bai, nene... Chiar toti actorii trebuie sa faca reclama la carne? Acu' care e legatura dintre Rebengiuc pe scena Teatrului National si niste copane refrigerate? I-au dat si lui de-o supa? De ce nu face si Radu Beligan reclama la cremvursti sau la parizer?? Io refuz sa mai cumpar produse la care se face reclama pana iti vine sa dai cu puiu' congelat in televizor...

Iar despre reclame...

ma scoate din mintzile capului reclama aia cu o trepanata care sta pe cearceaf, pe iarba (probabil in Herastrau), si zice o oda week-end-urilor. Ea cika e la iarba verde, in jurul ei citeva cearceafuri cu oameni pe ele si atit. Niste copii se joaca in liniste. Nu tu gratare sfaraind, nu tu manele zdupaind, nu tu copii chiraind, nu tu PET-uri peste tot... Bah, unde va credeti cand faceti reclame d'astea? In Suedia??