Cum sa stingi lumanarea de pe tort sufland in monitorul computerului...

This aims to add another dimension, namely wind, to communication via video screens.

The system consists of fine-meshed screens that let air pass through them but also display images projected on to them.

The screens are also fitted with 64 sensors that bend when blown upon. Light bounced off tiny mirrors attached to the rear of the sensors lets the system work out where someone is blowing on the screen and how hard.

Sitting beyond the sensors behind are banks of small fans that can send strong or gentle breezes back through any section of the screen.

Masahiro Furukawa, one of the creators of Byu-Byu, said it added a tactile element to video communication. He said it could be used to blow out candles on a birthday cake thousands of miles away or play games such as virtual air hockey.

The name of the project, Byu-Byu, is an onomatopoeic Japanese phrase used to describe a howling wind.