Intre timp, ceva droguri pe imaginea lui Giuliani

Eh, daca cu actualul primar al New Yorkului lucrurile abia acum devin interesante, sa vedem ce mai fce fostul primar al metropolei, Rudi Giuliani (inca republican). Pai ce sa faca, a primit un sut in boashe drept in Carolina de Sud. Un milionar in parai care strangea fonduri pentru campania lui Rudi e acuzat ca a comercializat droguri. Nu multe, de vreo juma de kil, cat sa faci sa se simta bine o gashca de republicani.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s statewide campaign chairman for South Carolina was indicted today on federal cocaine charges according to The Associated Press. State treasurer Thomas Ravenel has been charged with distribution of under 500 grams of cocaine and faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

The charges allege that Mr. Ravenel, 44, a real estate millionaire, bought the drugs in late 2005 to share with other people. The New York Daily News reports that the investigation began before he was elected state treasurer in November, but law enforcement officials only recently acquired sufficient evidence to indict.

The Giuliani camp moved quickly to distance itself from its top official in this early-primary state, calling Ravenel’s position one of “volunteer responsibilities.” “Our campaign has no information about the accusations pending against Mr. Ravenel. Mr. Ravenel has stepped down,” said campaign spokesman Mark Campbell.

The campaign has already replaced the suddenly embattled Mr. Ravenel with former South Carolina G.O.P. chairman Barry Wynn according to the A.P.

This is not the first time an aide or political ally of Mr. Giuliani has landed in legal hot water. When President Bush nominated Bernard Kerik, police commissioner under Mayor Giuliani, to head the Department of Homeland Security in 2004, confirmation hearings revealed possible ties to organized crime. In 2006, he pled guilty to to accepting a gift from a New Jersey construction firm rumored to be connected to the mob.