Despre clima: unde va fi Bucurestiul in 2071?

Niste baieti au facut o harta pe baza previziunilor climatice si iata ce le-a iesit pentru anul 2071. Cam pe unde o sa fie, climatic vorbind, orasele pe care noi le stim ca Stockholm, Helsinki, Londra, Paris, Roma... Berlinul nici nu mai e in Europa, e deja Afrikakorps. Pe unde credeti ca va fi Bucurestiul? Ajungem pe unde e Cairo acum sau plutim in deriva pe Mediterana?
Eu zic sa plantam palmieri de pe acum, da-i dreq de plopi...

London’s climate will resemble that of the Portuguese coast;
Paris weather will resemble that of the Extremadura, in the interior of the Iberian peninsula;
Stockholm and Oslo are a bit further to the north, close together and close to Barcelona;
Barcelona itself will meteorologically migrate to northern Morocco;
while Berlin will situate itself weather-wise in the Algerian hinterlands of Kabylia;
Istanbul, the largest Turkish city, will move to the southern coast of that country;
and will be joined there by Rome, as its present-day climate will prove all but eternal;
Helsinki’s weather will resemble that of central Europe, southern Poland to be exact;
and finally, Saint Petersburg will come to feel like Belarus - although I’m not sure that’s much of an improvement