Când îl doare burta pe Bush...

George ăl bătrân a vomitat în poala unui premier al Japoniei, am uitat cum îl cheamă. "I think I'm gonna throw up", se zice că ar fi spus Bush sr. înainte să-l gratuleze pe japonez cu masa de prânz, deşi era seară...
Episodul era să se repete cu George jr. şi tot cu un lider mic de stat, dar incidentul a fost evitat.
Lui George i-a stat în gât radarul lui Vova şi s-a stricat la burtică. Aşa că azi dimineaţă n-a avut chef de nimic şi cum trebuia să-l primească p"ala mic de la Elisee, a facut-o la privată. Adică l-a primit "in private".
--- Iata ce zice presa americana...

President Bush came down with a stomach ailment Friday at the G-8 summit in Germany and is resting in his room.
"I'm not sure if it's a stomach virus yet or something like that," Dan Bartlett, counselor to the president told reporters. "He's just not feeling well in his stomach,"

Although ill, the president did meet for an hour with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, but, as a precaution, the meeting took place in Bush's private room.

"The president felt that they established a real personal rapport," Bartlett said, adding that they discussed s myriad of issues, including
Syria, Lebanon,
Afghanistan, Darfur, trade and missile defense.

Dr. Richard Tubb, Bush's doctor, is monitoring the president's health, Bartlett said.

He said Bush hoped to rejoin the other leaders at the summit.

Bartlett joked that Bush was staying in his room because he didn't want to follow in the footsteps of his father, former President George H. W. Bush.

Bush's father became ill and collapsed in the international spotlight in January 1992 during a summit in Tokyo. The president called his fainting, which was captured on film and run repeatedly on television, "a little tiny bout of the flu" adding, "That's all there is to it."

A videotape of Bush's collapse at a state dinner showed him toppling unconscious from his chair and vomiting as Barbara Bush rushed to aid him.

Bartlett said Bush's illness is "not serious." He was already dressed this morning when he began feeling ill, but taped his radio address and at this point has no changes to his travel plans for the day.

Iar asta imi aduce aminte de jargonul folosit de militarii americani in Vietnam. "When the eagle shits" insemna ca era ziua in care se platea solda...