Bloomberg for president?

Si el este primar, desi nu al Capitalei, si s-a retras strategic din Partidul Republican. Aproape toata lumea interpreteaza gestul lui Michael Bloomberg drept un prim pas catre campania prezidentiala de anul viitor. El zice ca nu e aasa, ca mai are 900 si ceva de zile din mandatul de primar al New Yorkului. Bine, la banii lui poate sa zica orice. Domnule Bloomberg, daca nu iesiti la Casa Alba, nu vreti dom'la la Cotroceni?


The national political press corps has plenty of reasons to be fascinated by the prospect of (newly) independent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg running for President next year. First, the press likes Bloomberg himself — he's one of us (just a tad richer), having earned his fortune running his eponymous media company —and many of the biggest players in New York and Washington media circles are chummy with the dinner-party-charming Mayor.

Second, the press is perpetually interested in two things that a Bloomberg candidacy would represent: super-wealthy self-funding candidates, and plausible independent runs for the White House.

Finally, with basement-dwelling poll numbers for President Bush, along with real doubts about the leading Presidential candidates of the two major parties, Bloomberg's call for independent, non-partisan problem solving free of the typical Beltway bickering seems to be a perfect part of an emerging storyline.

Still, even Bloomberg's most ardent boosters recognize the daunting realities of the past (independents don't win the Presidency) and the future (if Bloomberg enters the race and looks like he might win, Republicans and Democrats would team up to try to destroy him).