duminică, 17 iunie 2007

Barak se vrea un de Gaulle...

Israeli politicians usually admire Winston Churchill and quote him often, as Ehud Barak did, too, when he was prime minister. But since he lost the 2001 election to Ariel Sharon, Barak has adopted a different role model: General Charles de Gaulle. That is no trivial choice for an Israeli leader. De Gaulle is renowned here mostly for imposing an embargo on Israel during the Six-Day War and his insulting remarks about Jews. Barak is much more interested in de Gaulle's 1958 return to power, when he was called upon to save France from the crisis of the Algerian insurrection. It seems likely that is how Barak dreamed of his own return to leadership: the savior called upon at a time of military distress.

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